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What is the forum all about?

The purpose of the forum is to provide a place for our advertisers to be contacted by people interested in their individual service.

The forum is a bulletin board of sorts. It is set up in sections as you will see when you visit.

You can visit and look around all you wish, but if you wish to post a question or comment you must register first.

Registration is a free and easy process. Just look for the register link on the main page. There is also a quick tutorial in the "How To" section.

In order to not be blasted with "viagra" spam, you will need to answer the question.

In what state is Grand Lake located? ....Oklahoma!

The Forum also contains a section where you can post free classified ads for items you wish to sell.

Click here to visit the forum

All sales are between members, and management is not responsible or liable for any deals made between members.

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